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Since 2015, SeaWorld Orlando appears to be making “Praise Wave” an annual event. Starting Saturday, January 14, 2016, SeaWorld will have a Praise Wave concert every Saturday up until January 28, 2016. Praise Wave is a concert featuring Christian singers, and this year they will be featuring Toby Mac, Francesca Battistelli, […]

SeaWorld Orlando’s 2016 Praise Wave Concerts Are Almost Here!

A SeaWorld oposition group recently published a post on their website titled “SeaWorld Mocks Orcas’ Desperate Hope For Freedom.” Inside the post, they described how SeaWorld is “mocking” the orcas’ being “imprisoned” in a concrete tank by asking the California Coastal Commission to approve of them building a backdrop behind […]

“SeaWorld Mocks Orcas’ Desperate Hope for Freedom,” Says SeaWorld Opposition ...

Here are three facts about Sea World’s killer whales that Sea World critics don’t want you to know: Sea World does not capture killer whales from the ocean and hasn’t for over 35 years. Sea World sets the highest standard of care for marine mammals in the world Research shows […]

3 Facts About SeaWorld’s Orcas That Critics Don’t Want You ...

When a cold snap hit Florida last February, nineteen manatees searched for warmer water to swim in. Unfortunately, they ended up congregating in a drainage pipe, and several of them became stuck! Thankfully, the Sea World Orlando rescue team showed up to help, along with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation […]

SeaWorld Helps Rescue 19 Manatees From Drainage Pipe

Some people claim that the orcas at Sea World do not live near as long at Sea World as they would in the wild. Is this true? Actually, no one knows. Comparing the life spans of wild orcas and Sea World’s orcas can easily give misleading or false information. Female […]

Do SeaWorld’s Orcas Live as Long as Wild Orcas?

I believe that just because an organization calls itself an animal rights organization does not mean you should automatically support it. This quite shocking story shows that animal rights activists are not only cruel to animals with some of their demands, they are also mean to people. The San Diego […]

SeaWorld Opposition Organization Sues Airline For Not Displaying Their Anti-SeaWorld ...

Is there anyone reading this post that would like for Tilikum, one of Sea World’s most popular whales, to be the bad guy of a movie? I have a feeling no one would like that very much. There are some people that have made Tilikum the bad guy of a […]

Is “Blackfish” Movie Correct About Tilikum?