“J-2 Granny Lived to 105, and Tilikum Lived to 36”

So, I discussed in an earlier post how we can reasonably say that SeaWorld’s Orcas live as long as those in the wild. Why, then, did Southern Resident Killer Whale J-2 Granny live much, much longer than Tilikum?

First of all, there is no way to know Granny’s exact age, and according to Center for Whale Research, Granny was estimated to be roughly 74 – not 105 like some suggest.

Secondly, Tilikum did not originate from the Southern Resident Orcas, so we cannot compare his age to that of a Souther Resident. Actually, Tilikum lived longer than most male Orcas in the area he originated from usually live to.

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