How I Was Inspired By SeaWorld to Love Killer Whales

When I was nine years old, I had the unique opportunity to see a pod of dolphins up close in the wild. From that point on, I decided that dolphins were my favorite animal, and I really liked them. Even then, I wasn’t really inspired to have a passion for them until my grandmother sent me, my brother, and my mom to swim with Tomo, a dolphin at Marineland of Florida – up until that point they were just an interest. After I developed a passion and deep love for dolphins, I decided that my least favorite animal was a Killer Whale, because they ate dolphins and cruel to the dolphins while they were killing them (back then I had no idea that a Killer Whale is a dolphin too). I lived not too far away from the coast, but Killer Whales could only be found far, far offshore in that area, so of course there were no Killer Whale watching tours, and we couldn’t afford to run one of the boats it would take to go that far out. However, my anger at Orcas changed on the Christmas Eve of 2013. That was the first time in my life that I saw real Killer Whale – at SeaWorld, during the Shamu’s Christmas Miracles show. During that performance I was able to see just how beautiful, majestic, and all the way around amazing these animals were. I was also able to see just how friendly and playful they often are. Ever since that one show at SeaWorld, my emotions towards Orcas completely changed. Today, thanks to SeaWorld, Orcas are not only one of my favorite animals, but helping to protect them and other amazing sea animals is my passion. Now that I have been inspired by SeaWorld, I am turning around and inspiring other people that I know to care also. They, then, will hopefully turn around and inspire others that they know, and hopefully more and more people will be doing what they can to help protect sea life, and it all started with a little inspiration from SeaWorld.

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