Taiji Cove Update – Bottlenose Dolphin Superpod Captured

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Photo credit: DolphinProject.net

Yesterday, a Bottlenose Dolphin superpod consisting of roughly 250-300 individuals was herded into the killing cove at Taiji. They were left overnight, trapped and terrified, confined to the cove. Today, thirty members of the pod were ripped away from their family and forced to stay in a pen. These unfortunate dolphins will be shipped off to marine facilities, likely irresponsible ones (most, if not all, of the responsible aquariums don’t want to buy dolphins that were captured in Taiji). The remaining dolphins must wait longer to see if they will be released or brutally slaughtered. Both the dolphins selected for captivity and those remaining in the cove must wait another night with no food and no way of getting hydration.

Please understand that although I support some marine parks, I do not support the Taiji drive hunts or facilities that purchase dolphins for display that have been captured and abused in the Taiji killing cove.

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