“Dolphin Days” Show Coming to SeaWorld Orlando

The “Dolphin Days” show will soon be coming to SeaWorld Orlando, replacing their current dolphin show,SeaWorld Orlando's current show, Blue Horizons, will soon be replaced with Dolphin Days “Blue Horizons.” Dolphin Days appears to be more educational than Blue Horizons, focusing more on the dolphins, with no acrobats (good news for those of us who just want to see the dolphins during a dolphin show!) This new show will also include the facility’s Pilot Whales displaying new behaviors, such as carrying a trainer around the tank on its back.

Dolphin Days will be presented for the first time in Orlando on April 1, 2017. The last performance of Blue Horizons will be on March 31, 2017.

Here is a YouTube video by user EchoBeluga. It features the entire Dolphin Days show (at SeaWorld San Diego).

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