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SeaWorld recently posted on instagram, asking for your #MyRealAmazing story. This is mine right here. It all started in 2013. I had fallen in love with wild dolphins after seeing a group of the Gasparilla dolphins (yes, the ones I now research). I loved dolphins, but not Orcas, because  at […]

This is #MyRealAmazing SeaWorld Story

Since 2015, SeaWorld Orlando appears to be making “Praise Wave” an annual event. Starting Saturday, January 14, 2016, SeaWorld will have a Praise Wave concert every Saturday up until January 28, 2016. Praise Wave is a concert featuring Christian singers, and this year they will be featuring Toby Mac, Francesca Battistelli, […]

SeaWorld Orlando’s 2016 Praise Wave Concerts Are Almost Here!

A SeaWorld oposition group recently published a post on their website titled “SeaWorld Mocks Orcas’ Desperate Hope For Freedom.” Inside the post, they described how SeaWorld is “mocking” the orcas’ being “imprisoned” in a concrete tank by asking the California Coastal Commission to approve of them building a backdrop behind […]

“SeaWorld Mocks Orcas’ Desperate Hope for Freedom,” Says SeaWorld Opposition ...

Why did I choose to support Sea World? Well, I can tell you this: When I went to Sea World for the first time, I went with an open mind, ready to make observations and see if the animals really appeared to be abused or not. When I came home, […]

Why I chose to Support SeaWorld